God’s Vision

God’s Vision:  
After trusting Christ for salvation and wholeheartedly surrendering our lives to Him, we will seek to consistently and passionately pursue Jesus in the following ways: by drawing near to Him and His Word through prayer, worship and Bible study; by sharing with others the impact Jesus has made in our lives; by teaching and leading in discipleship; and by humbly, yet boldly, serving in His name.  As we grow in Christ, our lives will reflect more of Jesus; thus fulfilling our ultimate call to glorify God in everything we say and do. This is God’s will for our lives and His vision for the Church, the bride of Christ.

Our Logo:
Sometimes logos are no more than an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of shapes, words and colors with little or no real meaning.  Maybe it catches the eye or causes one to make an association with the image to the group it represents (a branding of sorts).  So we wanted our logo to do just that—represent who we are and what we want people to know about us.

l4 copyThe Cross—the cross is black, not white or gold.   Because of the Cross, we can be made whole, clean, pure, and restored back to God; but the Cross, in and of itself, did not symbolize those spiritual results.  The Cross was a heavy burden.  It was the place of humiliation, punishment, and death.  It was the cruelest form of execution that the Romans used at that time.  The Cross of Jesus represents our sin and His sacrifice.  It represents the hours Jesus suffered physically but also the hours that He suffered in loneliness and darkness.  He who knew no sin became sin because He loved us.  The Cross in our logo is black because it represents our shame, our rebellion, our sin and the  acknowledgement of Jesus’ sacrifice.

l3 copyThe World—God created the world and all its inhabitants.  He showed His love for all of us by sending Jesus to give His life for our sins.  Jesus came and impacted our lives.  The overflow of our relationship and commitment to Him compels us to go out into the world and let others know of God’s love for them.


l2 copyThe Resurrection—maybe not seen at first, but the circle of our logo has a white light coming from behind it.  The light shining from behind the stone is symbolic of the power of God that was unleashed that day.  Darkness preceded that moment, but God busted through the darkness and allowed the light of Jesus to shine brightly!  The stone was rolled away so that all could enter and witness for themselves the empty tomb.  Now we can live in the power and light of the  Resurrection!

l1 copyThe Gospel—our logo represents our mission to impact the world with Jesus Christ; it also shares the story of the Gospel and allows for each of us to share with someone how Christ impacted us.  If someone asks about our logo, we can tell the story of the sacrifice and death of Jesus, about the Resurrection, and then about our responsibility as followers of Christ to tell how our lives were impacted by Jesus.  Our logo is not just about our church or about some pleasing array of shapes and colors; it’s all about Jesus and the impact He’s made on us.