A Welcome from Our Pastor

J. Brent Thomas, Senior Pastor

brentthomasorigWhen I came to FBC East Flat Rock in June of 2013, I immediately felt two things—the moving of the Holy Spirit and an incredible sense of family amongst the members of the church. No church is perfect. No one is perfect (especially not this pastor). But what you’ll find here is a group of people who’ve committed themselves to loving God and serving Him through their various gifts and passions.

When you come, you’ll sense oneness even in the midst of diversity. You’ll meet real people with real problems who are dealing with real pain; it’s their faith in Jesus and their dependence on Him that helps them experience peace, healing, and renewal. Even though our sanctuary is beautiful, it’s the hearts and stories of the people that are most attractive. I absolutely love this body of believers and I thank God that I have the honor of being their pastor and walking with them.

If God is leading you here, then use this opportunity to get to know Him better, to trust Him more, and to connect with this community of believers in Christ Jesus. I would like to personally invite you to contact me or any of our wonderful staff if you have any questions about the church or more importantly about knowing Jesus more intimately. We are here for you and we look forward to meeting you and hearing your story. May God bless you!

Pastor Brent