Next Steps

1)  To become a member of the Church, you must be a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. 

In obedience and in accordance to Scripture, you should also have participated in believer’s baptism.  If you have never accepted Christ Jesus’ gift of salvation and would like to do so, we welcome the opportunity to share more with you about His grace gift of love exemplified by His sacrificial death on the Cross. This is the first and most important step of your faith journey; not Church membership, rather, choosing to follow Christ!

2)  If you desire to join the Church, please feel out a CARE card.

CARE cards on located on the backs of each pew/bench.  On the card, put your name, contact information, whether you desire to join the Church or would just like more information, drop it in the box, and the Pastor will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

3)   The Pastor will arrange a time and location convenient for you (and your family) to meet.

Prior to meeting with the Pastor you will be mailed or emailed a list of questions(also listed below) that will facilitate the discussion during your time with the Pastor.  The questions are designed to allow you to share your faith, your strengths, and your experiences so that the Pastor, and ultimately the Church, can get to know you. You will also be free to ask any questions of him so that you can get to know him and the Church better.    

4)  It would then be up to the Pastor to recommend each prospective member to the Church. 

It would be the preference of the Church for each prospective member to come forward at the end of the Sunday morning Worship Service to be presented to the Church by the Pastor (so that the Church body can put a name with a face).  Prospective members may also be presented to the Church for membership at any other regular Church service (Wednesday or Sunday night services or one of our quarterly Church Conferences). 

5)  Each new member will be assigned to a Deacon.

Families that join will be assigned to a Deacon.  It is the responsibility of the Deacon to be available to Church members for any need (physical or spiritual).  As the Deacons rotate every three years, each member or member family would have a new Deacon assigned to them.

6)  New members are strongly encouraged to volunteer where they feel led.

We all have various gifts and passions for service. It is our belief that every member should be engaged and supportive of the ongoing ministry efforts of the Church. The leading of the Holy Spirit will be our guide in determining the time frame established for a new member to lead a ministry team or be nominated to serve as a Deacon.

7)  New members are welcomed into this Church family with open arms.

You are part of us now. We work together. We laugh together. We cry together. We seek God together.  We do life together. We aren’t perfect, but we are family and we welcome you here!

Questions/Discussion Points for Prospective Members

1)  Be prepared to share the testimony of your salvation experience and where you currently are  in your walk with Jesus Christ. How has Jesus changed your life?

2)  Have you participated in Believer’s baptism?  If not, do you desire now to be baptized?  Do you understand the difference between infant baptism and Believer’s baptism?  Before  being recommended for membership, each prospective member must participate in Believer’s Baptism.

3)  What would you define as areas you feel God is growing you presently?

4)  What areas of discipleship would you label as your strengths (some may call these spiritual gifts)? How are you using those gifts to glorify God?  Is God growing you in your weaknesses as well?

5)  Have you ever been on a mission trip? Where did you go and what was your role?  What did you learn about yourself, God, and the people you ministered to?  If you’ve never been on a mission trip,  would you be willing to go?

6)  How are you willing to serve Jesus here? How have you served previously at other Churches? What margins have you established for yourself to prevent burnout or over commitment?

7)  Which of the following describes you (circle/list all that apply):  administrative, hands-on, behind the scenes, maker of plans, doer of plans, leader, follower, encourager, people-person, compassionate to those in need, prefer to serve in a controlled environment, prefer to serve on the streets, go with the flow, highly structured, tech-savvy, money manager, builder, artistic, teacher, musician, heart for senior adults, children, youth, or men’s/women’s ministries, attentive to details, big picture/big idea person?  Other?

8)  If coming from another local Church, briefly explain why you left.

9)  If coming from another denomination, explain your understanding of the differences in the  denomination you’re leaving and our Baptist beliefs (as much as you understand them).  Specific areas to address:  Jesus, salvation, the work of the Holy Spirit, the meaning of the Lord’s Supper, the meaning and purpose of Baptism.

10)  What are your expectations of a Pastor? Staff ? Deacons?

11)  What are your expectations of yourself as a member of this Church?  Your family? Include in your response your understanding and beliefs about the importance of Church unity, the difference between being a spectator and a participant, and the power of giving back to God financially through tithing.

12)  What questions do you have?